Life Intervenes, Unfortunately. I Am Forced Off Elimination Diet for the Afternoon.

I have been doing so well on my Elimination Diet.  Yesterday I was on DAY 2 of “significant improvement.”  After 5 days of significant improvement, you move on to reintroducing new foods.  I wrote about my recent improvement in IBS-D here.  So the plan was keep things steady and then hopefully begin introducing foods next week.  But, today life intervened and I had no choice but to go off my diet.

This all started when the Boyfriend gave me an early Christmas present this morning while I was peeling six zucchini (one of the three vegetables I am eating right now).  He bought me a mandolin!  Makes slicing easy and quick.  Great!  Except when he started using it, he didn’t use the hand guard (they are somewhat important, evidently).  And swoop, there went the tip of his index finger.

I am very bad with blood, and there was a lot of blood.  Fortunately he is fine with this sort of thing and was able to bandage it up himself.  The Internet told us to go the emergency room.  I ate some of my pre-cooked chicken before we left, but didn’t bring food with me (I really didn’t have anything I could take).  We expected to be home within a few hours, but it took much longer and I started going into low blood sugar.  The only thing open in the hospital was a gift shop with a bunch of processed snacks and a few sandwiches.  So I bought some food figuring fainting wasn’t a good option, especially since I had to drive the Boyfriend home.

So here’s what I picked:  the simplest potato chip I could find (Utz) (potatoes, salt, and safflower oil), and dried banana chips (bananas, coconut oil, and sugar).  Not ideal but it was the best I could do.  I took my pills (enzymes, and Betaine HCL with Pepsin) and ate as little as I could, which actually was a lot because at that point I was shaking.  My blood sugar finally evened out, but I did notice my heart rate increase and my stomach started to hurt a bit.  That has passed, but it did seem to trigger my third bowel movement of the day.  No diarrhea yet though.

I’m disappointed.  The eternally supportive and positive-thinking Boyfriend has been saying that even if it derails my “days of significant improvement,” it will be temporary and I will get back to where I was pretty soon.  When you’ve been sick for a while though, it’s easy to start believing you’ll never get better.  So I’m trying to stay positive and hope the healing that has occurred so far will not be undone by this.


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