Elimination Diet: End of Week 4

I just finished Week 4 of the Elimination Diet based on the Aglaee Jacob book Digestive Health with REAL Food.  As I discussed in an earlier post, Week 4 gave me substantial improvement in my IBS-D symptoms for two whole days, until an unexpected visit to the Emergency Room caused me to abandon my diet for a day.  After that, I did lose the progress I made, but I feel confident I will get back to that place soon.

All in all, I am very pleased with my progress to date.  I have lost ten pounds since beginning the diet a month ago.  I feel much better than I did.  My energy has improved substantially. My bloating is gone, and even though I am still suffering from diarrhea, it’s not nearly as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago.  My seborrheic dermatitis, which started in 2012, improved dramatically, and in the last week or so has basically disappeared.

And interestingly enough, a really annoying and mysterious problem I’ve had for about 13 years is starting to subside — unexplained itching.  This started for me in 2000, and to control it, I have to take a Zyrtec every night.  If I don’t, my palms will itch by morning and then it will spread to other parts of my body.  I’ve never gotten a diagnosis or explanation from doctors about this, but whatever it is, the good news is this Elimination Diet and supplement protocol seems to be helping!

I know many people with IBS-D go through bad periods and then stabilize for a while.  That’s not been my experience.  Since getting over my food poisoning infection earlier this year, I have had consistent diarrhea.  The only real improvement or relief I’ve had was thanks to Immodium.  I am becoming a real believer that diet and gut health are the key to not only improving IBS (and perhaps even curing it?), but also to any number of other health conditions.

Writing this blog is really helping me to stay on the diet.  It reminds me I have a goal and am seeing progress.  The office pot-luck lunch was today, but I ate my lunch before going and didn’t have a bite.  When I got home I received a Harry & David gift basket from my dear dad, who sent it before he realized I was on this Elimination Diet.  It was definitely painful to look at the fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, caramel popcorn (yum!), and other goodies in the box and know I won’t have any.  But four weeks in, things are better than they were and I am going to keep going no matter what holiday treats are dangled in front of me!


2 thoughts on “Elimination Diet: End of Week 4

  1. Hey, I will use another email address for commenting, as wordpress doesn’t let me comment with my primary one.

    Anyway, it seems that you have succeeded. Congratulations.

    So far I have not succeeded, but the reason can be that I ate bananas which are not allowed in the ED. Or that I didn’t use the supps.

    Yesterday and before yesterday I noticed a very awkward symptom. Some “internal” itching on the side of my abdomen, besides my ribs.

    I will keep trying and learning and looking for solutions.


    • I love bananas but i’ve been confused whether they are low or high FODMAP. I’ve seen them put into different categories in different websites. So when I used to eat them, I’d be sure to not eat too many. Of course I’m not on them now but someday I should be able to reintroduce them.

      The itching symptom is very odd. I have had unexplained itching for over 12 years. It’s similar to what you describe – like it’s inside your skin instead of itching on top. I’ve never been able to find out what it is or why, but I have noticed on the Elimination Diet it is subsiding somewhat. I usually have to take an antihistamine every night or I will wake up itching the next morning (starts in my palms) but I have tried skipping and was able to skip a full day until the itching started. So I figure that’s progress.


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