Building Immunity: Fighting Off the Flu

Last night I felt the first twinges of a cold or flu.  Swollen glands in the throat, feeling “flu-y” through my body.  This morning, throat is worse as are my body aches and fatigue. There’s a bad bug going around work, so I decided to stay home and rest.

I got the flu shot in October, but I read that the shot may not be as effective against the dominant strain this year.  But is this the flu or just a cold?

WebMD to the rescue.  There’s a great article about the difference between colds and the flu.  Here’s an excerpt:

Is it flu or cold symptoms?

How do you know if you have flu or cold symptoms? Take your temperature, say many experts. Flu symptoms often mimic cold symptoms with nasal congestion, cough, aches, and malaise. But a common cold rarely has symptoms of fever above 101 degrees. With flu symptoms, you will probably have a fever initially with the flu virus and you will feel miserable. Body and muscle aches are also more common with the flu.

There’s a chart that follows that lays out the differences.  Fever seems to be a key distinction between the two.  I don’t feel feverish at all ( I could check but that thermometer is aalllll the way upstairs and I’m really tired) so I’m betting on a cold virus.

So here’s what I plan to do to get over this as fast as I can:

  • Stay on the Elimination Diet.
  • Force lots of fluids.  Stay hydrated.
  • Try Elderberry Syrup.  It’s supposed to be helpful in fighting off the flu and colds, and boosting the immune system generally..  I’m thinking of trying this brand, Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup, which looks like it’s available at my local CVS pharmacy.   Unfortunately it contains glucose, which is not on the Elimination Diet, but there seem to be no other option if I want to try this.
  • Take Zicam – which is a supplement containing zinc.  The Boyfriend swears by this so I’m giving it a try.
  • Ricola cough drops – my favorite to soothe my sore throat or cough.
  • Chicken broth supplemented with collagen powder for extra support while I’m fighting off this bug. I have collagen hydrolysate from Great Lakes Gelatin.  Learn more about the health and immunity benefits of collagen and gelatin supplementation.
  • And finally, REST as much as possible.  This is hard because my job doesn’t quit when you’re sick.  But at least staying home will help conserve energy.

We will see how this works out!


3 thoughts on “Building Immunity: Fighting Off the Flu

  1. I also had some kind of sickness when I moved into the fish&meat diet (no veggies). It might have been carb flu. But also a normal cold, as I got completely soaked in an ice/water/wind storm that same week and I couldn’t change my clothes. I was checking that very same page you mention to decide whether it was flu or cold.


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