Elimination Diet: Week 9 Roundup

I am finishing out Week 9 on the elimination diet I started shortly before Thanksgiving.  This was to attempt to get my post-infectious IBS-D under control.  I have been fighting IBS-D since the beginning of 2014 when I was unlucky enough to get a pretty bad case of food poisoning at a local restaurant.  Things are going well overall and I am happy to report at least one new successful food reintroduction – EGGS!

I tried to introduce a couple of new foods as I mentioned in my last post at the end of week 7.  Specifically, butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  I am doing fine on the sweet potatoes, although I have noticed some very slight bloating from it. The butternut squash I am going to try again in a few days.  I had itching and insomnia the first time I tried reintroducing it, and I’m not 100% sure it was the squash.  This time I bought organic squash and will use that to rule out any reactions to pesticides.

As I mentioned, another new food I have reintroduced that I am THRILLED about is eggs.  Although the book I am following for this, Digestive Health with Real Food, recommends introducing egg yolks and whites separately (in case you react to one but not the other) I found this somewhat cumbersome and just did both at once.  So far, four days in, I am not noticing any reactions in my gut or otherwise.  I have been doing soft-boiled eggs mostly, because the egg yolks are more nutritious if they are still soft.  I just got some adorable antique German egg cups, so it’s been a fun morning treat before work.  Plus, there is a great technique that we saw on America’s Test Kitchen on how to do soft-boiled eggs that really works well.  Super fast and they come out perfect every time.

Next food to try — Rutabaga!  Since it’s winter, I figured a nice root veggie would be good, plus I love them mashed with butter (ghee for now) and salt.  They are also terrific mashed together with sweet potatoes.  Plus they are super nutritious — very high in Vitamin C (great for cold and flu season) and antioxidants.

So things overall are going well.  Being back on eggs and sweet potatoes feels like winning the lottery (well, not quite but it’s pretty great).

I’m still having the very annoying problem of bad diarrhea during my period.  Makes no difference that I’m on the diet once it’s that time of the month – it all goes to hell.  In talking with my functional medicine doctor last week, she said this suggests at least some of my gut problems may be hormonally based and not from the damage my gut suffered from the cryptosporidium infection last year.  She has ordered a re-do of my stool tests, and also saliva testing to measure my female hormones and adrenal function.  (I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in late 2013.)  Looking forward to meeting with her again in March and getting a plan together.

If she is right, then there may be things I can do to control the diarrhea at that time of the month.  But for now, it’s the only time I pop an Imodium.  There’s no sense in suffering.

Thanks for checking in.  More soon.


One thought on “Elimination Diet: Week 9 Roundup

  1. Seem like you are doing very well. The fact that you ar ok for most of the month is a very good sign. I seem to have D more or less under control with the help of S. Boulardii. Pain is still there. Always. Very annoying.

    I have introduced chards and cooked lettuce.

    I have failed with eggs, aguacate, mushroom, cabbage and cucumber. I plan to try turnip the upcoming days.


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