Eggs are back!

The big health and nutrition news today is that cholesterol is not so bad after all.  What a shame the entire nation has spent the last 40 years trying to avoid it.  I’m not sure what to think about these major reversals that happen in the medical world.  I know things are very complicated, and the scientists do their best (or we hope), but how do we get this stuff so wrong?  Read about that here and here.

But, on the positive side, this means my daily breakfast of two soft boiled eggs is now officially good for me.  Eggs are a superfood. They are a great source of protein, and key vitamins and minerals.  The yolk is particularly good for you, especially if you eat it runny.

So enjoy your eggs!


Roasted Sweet Potatoes – Easy, Fast and Yummy

I’m eating a lot of sweet potatoes these days.  I need them to get plenty of nutrients and calories, because I’ve lost a lot of weight (more than I needed to) on this elimination diet.  I’m introducing new foods very slowly (one every couple of weeks), so right now I’m relying on sweet potatoes to provide more calories and fill me up each day.

Obviously you can prepare sweet potatoes any number of ways – baked, fried, mashed – but my favorite way to prepare them and make a lot at once is in our electric skillet from Saladmaster.  It’s simple and I end up with a ton of sweet potatoes that last me for several days.  The result is really tasty and sweet — a bonus when you aren’t eating treats or sugar.  It reheats nicely too.

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More on the Stomach Acid Connection – great post from The Paleo Mom

The Paleo Mom

Check out this post from one of my favorite bloggers, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne a/k/a the Paleo Mom, called The Stomach Acid Connection.  Sarah is a PhD in medical biophysics who began writing the blog in response to her own health problems.  She explains the science behind a lot of health dysfunction, and why certain approaches (like a Paleo-type diet) are helpful in improving health.  I like her because she is science-based and does a great job explaining highly scientific information to the average person … especially those of us who did not excel at biology (ahem!).

Taking Betaine HCL with Pepsin (an acidifier for the stomach) and digestive enzymes have helped improve my IBS-D symptoms over the last couple of months.  If you are having digestive problems, looking into the possibility that you have low stomach acid is a good idea.

Define your own Paleo…

I’m no Paleo expert, but I’ve been on some version of a Paleo diet since October 2013 for health reasons.  And it’s helped.  Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about Paleo from blogs and podcasts, and I can tell you there’s really not a single definition that everyone in the Paleo community agrees on.  For example, there is a raging debate about sweet potatoes and dairy — enter the fray at your own risk.

I saw this today on Pinterest, which is clearly someone’s attempt to define it (once again) once and for all.


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Ginger Carrot Soup – this is what happens when you buy two pounds of carrots at Costco…


Ginger Carrot Soup, courtesy of PaleoLeap

My boyfriend was feeling ambitious at his last visit to Costco and bought the two-pound bag of carrots.  We have prepped the first pound and are using that to make “carrot fries” in the skillet with ghee.  The second pound needs to be dealt with though, so I searched the Internet for a carrot soup recipe that can be modified to still keep me on my rather restricted diet.  So many have a ton of ingredients it’s not worth even trying them.  But I found a recipe on Paleo Leap for Ginger Carrot Soup that has just a handful of ingredients, including ginger, zucchini, apples, and stock.  I left out the onions, but kept the apple and turmeric to see what would happen.  Prep was straightforward.  Peel carrots, zucchini, and apple, and cut into chunks and pop in the pan.  Add broth, simmer, puree, and eat.  I added a fair amount of sea salt too since the recipe didn’t call for any.

I wasn’t expecting much since I’m not a huge carrot fan — the carrot fries being the exception — but I was surprised how good the soup was!  It was very creamy and smooth, and the ginger and carrots melded together nicely.  I did add some coconut milk at the table — which the recipe called for — and it added a nice touch.  Healthy soup that isn’t hard to make and tastes great – sign me up!

Ginger Carrot Soup | Paleo Leap.