How to Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs (America’s Test Kitchen)

Now that eggs are back on the menu at my house, we are using this technique from America’s Test Kitchen every day to make perfect soft-boiled eggs.  It’s really simple – all you need is a half-inch of water and a timer.  Find a cute egg cup or two, some sea or Himalayan salt, and have a great breakfast!  Check out the video link below to watch.

TV: Perfect Soft-Cooked (Soft-Boiled) Eggs, Christopher Kimball & Julia Collin Davison, Season 14 – YouTube.

Also, if you’re serious about soft-boiled eggs, you may want to invest in an egg topper.  I bought this one from Amazon and it’s great.  It’s even got a little salt shaker on the top.  Adorable!

Egg Topper
GEFU Egg Cracker with Salt Shaker

Elimination Diet: Week 9 Roundup

I am finishing out Week 9 on the elimination diet I started shortly before Thanksgiving.  This was to attempt to get my post-infectious IBS-D under control.  I have been fighting IBS-D since the beginning of 2014 when I was unlucky enough to get a pretty bad case of food poisoning at a local restaurant.  Things are going well overall and I am happy to report at least one new successful food reintroduction – EGGS!

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Elimination Diet: Week 7 roundup

I haven’t posted for a while.  A combination of having the flu for a week and the holidays sidetracked me.  I recently completed Week 7 of the Elimination Diet and I wanted to post an update on how things were going.

Having the flu really set me back I think.  I started taking Sambucol, which is an elderberry syrup concoction that is supposed to boost immune function.  To help with my throat and respiratory symptoms, I was also using Ricola cough drops.  Both have a fair amount of sugar, which I am supposed to be avoiding.  I also was unfortunate enough to have my period during the week I was sick, and my IBS-D is always much worse during my period.  I also got a bright idea that I needed more Vitamin C so I started eating cooked strawberries.  This was not a good idea.  So basically most of weeks 5 and 6 were a lost cause for me, and my symptoms were not great.

So while this is the end of Week 7, I don’t think I should count most of weeks 5 and 6 because of everything that was going on.

Having been recovered from the flu since just before Christmas, I can say that I am starting to stabilize again with my diarrhea symptoms.  Things are not “normal” but overall most days are better than before I started the diet.  I have the occasional “bad” day where I go more than I’d like (I count 3 or more as qualifying) or when I go it’s particularly watery.  But generally I am more stable and things are more predictable than they were.

I started to introduce two new vegetables over the last couple of weeks.  This is based on the recommendation in the book I am following, Digestive Health with Real Food.  I did this because I have lost more weight than I should and I am officially too thin.  So I’m trying to get more carbs in my diet to hopefully gain a couple of pounds.

First I tried butternut squash, but I had two strange reactions – itchiness and insomnia.  I can’t be sure it was the squash so I will try it again in the future.  I know butternut squash can absorb a lot of chemicals from the soil if you don’t buy organic and mine was not organic.  It’s possible I was reacting to pesticides.  I had no gut problems with the squash, which is good.

Next I tried sweet potatoes.  These have worked great.  No gut issues and no other problems.  If it continues to go well (I do a 4 day trial and today is day 4) then I will include these in my diet going forward.  This is so exciting I can’t even tell you.

More updates later.  Thanks for checking in.



How to keep things yummy on an elimination diet

So having been on this Elimination Diet for almost 5 full weeks, I can tell you eating a very limited group of foods is tough. There’s not much variety in the proteins and carbs you can eat, there are no fruits allowed, and the spices you can use are limited too. Here are some tips for keeping it fresh and tasty.  When you’re done reading, visit this great post from Smith Meadows Farm’s blog for some other ideas for keeping elimination diets delicious!

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The Problem of Low Stomach Acid

I’ve written before that I am taking Betaine HCL with Pepsin as a digestive support supplement to address low stomach acid. This was recommended to me by my functional medicine doctor, as well as suggested in Aglaee Jacob’s book Digestive Health with Real Food.  I believe this supplement is making a real difference in my IBS-D symptoms.  I started taking it shortly after starting the elimination diet, and have noticed real improvement over the last couple of weeks.

I want to talk more about the problem that this supplement is meant to address — low stomach acid — and refer you to some good resources to help you decide if trying this supplement is right for you.

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Building Immunity: Fighting Off the Flu

Last night I felt the first twinges of a cold or flu.  Swollen glands in the throat, feeling “flu-y” through my body.  This morning, throat is worse as are my body aches and fatigue. There’s a bad bug going around work, so I decided to stay home and rest.

I got the flu shot in October, but I read that the shot may not be as effective against the dominant strain this year.  But is this the flu or just a cold?

WebMD to the rescue.  There’s a great article about the difference between colds and the flu.  Here’s an excerpt:

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