The Elimination Diet: How It Works

As I mentioned in my first post, my Elimination Diet was developed by Aglaee Jacob, RD and is explained in her book Digestive Health with REAL Food.  I came across the book in a comment on another blog, and looked at the reviews on Amazon, nearly all of which were glowing.  I had been on the FODMAP diet for a couple of months and was searching for another approach.  I started reading about GAPS and SCD diets, and had decided to try one when Aglaee’s book arrived from Amazon.  I started reading it that evening, and when I saw the diet was even more restrictive than GAPS / SCD, I decided I should try it.  I figured if this didn’t work, GAPS or SCD probably wouldn’t either.  Plus I felt good about the comprehensive information she presented and her own success healing her Post-Infectious IBS.

I will tell you I find the book itself to be very useful.  It explains in plain English how the intestinal processes work, and how it gets to the point where it goes so wrong.  Then goes through the options for trying to heal and improve your GI tract.  It’s multidimensional and discusses mind-body issues, chronic stress, nutrition, enzymes… really everything.  I know I sound like an ad for the book, but it is extremely helpful to have all of this information in one place, versus scattered across the blogosphere.  Especially when you’re already sick and feeling out of options.

Here are the Elimination Diet rules of the road:

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Elimination Diet: End of Week 3

Today is the first day of Week 4 of my elimination diet, attempting to heal from Post-Infectious IBS.

If you are not familiar with the elimination diet I’m on, the book I am following recommends you do at least 3 weeks and as many as 6 weeks before you begin to reintroduce other foods.  The goal is to have 5 consecutive days of “substantially improved bowel movements” before you end the elimination phase of the diet.  I discuss the source of this diet in yesterday’s post.

Here are my observations so far, having completed the first 3 weeks:

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What this blog is about…

Here I am, writing a blog for the first time.  Why?  A complete health meltdown in my mid-forties. While I have been struggling with my health for a while, my most recent and very significant health challenge is post-infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I want to chronicle my story for anyone else who may be struggling with this or similar GI challenges.  I have found it so helpful to read the experiences of others, I hope telling my story can be helpful to someone else.  Right now, I have not found the solution, but I am learning why severe gut dysfunction happens and am not going to give up until I heal it.

Since early this year, I have suffered continuous diarrhea, fatigue, and brain fog.  I’ve had nearly every GI test known to man – some more than once – and the GI doctor concluded that my food-poisoning earlier this year has resulted in post-infectious IBS. Here’s how it all started:

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